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  Our Staff of Instructors :

  1. State of Illinois, NRA, or DOJ Certified Firearms Instructors
  2. Current & Former Police Officers
  3. Current/former SWAT Operators
  4. Former SWAT Commander(s)
  5. Undercover Agent Experience
  6. Detective & Investigative Experience
  7. Government Contractor Experience
  8. Counter-Terror Specialists
  9. WMD Response Certified
  10. Performed Worldwide Operations
  11. Trained by State of Illinois
  12. Trained by Federal Government
  13. Criminal Audit/Fraud Specialists
  14. ...Thousands of hours of advanced

 training and careers of experience..........

 ..........THE LIST GOES ON!!!.................


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The Firearms Training Division is proud to offer the 16 hour


**$165 PER PERSON**

We are currently scheduling private group certification classes with special discounted  group rates. Private classes are offered for groups of five or more.

**For Additional Discounts** ​ we can come and teach your group at your location. Call us, schedule the date and we bring the class to you. Get your colleagues and

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"Our Integrity is reflected in our pricing"

16 Hour Certification = $165


Reduced to $165 from $215

Why so cheap?? "We have had a great response since concealed carry came to Illinois but this is still a very new thing for our State and with this newness comes some learning. One valuable lesson we have learned involves mastering the ability to offer a quality product while continuously reducing, and ultimately limiting our overhead. As a result, we have been able to repeatedly reduce the enrollment fees. We truly care about our students and we absolutely refuse to overcharge or take advantage in order to profit. If the public response and our enrollment numbers continue at the current level, we can continue to offer this same rate."

 The $165 rate does not apply to Private Scheduled-Group Classes. Private Group rates are based on group sizes. 

Illinois State Police Completes Investigation Into Complaints Of Improper Firearms Training

March 18, 2014

The Illinois State Police (ISP) announced two Firearms Instructors have been decertified after ISP discovered they were not providing the full 16 hours of mandatory training to their students. The unfortunate reality is that 98 students were cheated out of potentially life-saving knowledge due to laziness and incompetence. If the Instructor has attended advanced training and has significant personal experience they should have no problem providing 16 hours of curriculum. In fact, our Instructors posses so much experience it has become a chore trying to get our students out without keeping them excessively late. All the more reason it is critical that anyone interested in attending a concealed carry class should research the agency/Instructors teaching. Now is not necessarily the time to bargain shop. Potential students should ask: "what instructor certifications do you have?" "How long have you had them?" "How long have you been actually providing training?" ***What life experience do you have that qualifies you in the field other than being a Certified Instructor?" Having life experience will make all the difference in the world with respect to concealed carry. Granted, these questions will not eliminate incompetent or corrupt Instructors but they may steer you to one that truly knows ( & practices) the material.

We realize this above statement does not tell you much about us however this may help, if you simply wish to get your certificate and leave or you are looking for a class that lets you out early.....we recommend you take a class with a different organization. 


Watchdog Protection Agency is a security and training services provider consisting of a vast network of highly experienced law enforcement and military professionals. Currently we are focusing heavily on providing Illinois Concealed Carry Certification Classes. We offer firearms instruction on a variety of topics aside from concealed carry to include NRA Basic Pistol, Tactical Rifle/Carbine, and various Tactical Pistol courses. Please monitor our website for course offerings and schedules. New courses and dates are added randomly based on scheduling and demand.

Watchdog Protection Agency uses only highly experienced Instructors who possess multiple certifications in a variety of disciplines, from multiple accredited organizations. We believe that almost anyone can invest the time and money needed to obtain an "Instructor Certification" from a single organization. Once somebody obtains this "Instructor Certification," they are not automatically transformed into a skilled Instructor, although many claim the opposite. 

With respect to firearms and concealed carry it is critical for an Instructor to possess significant experience in both teaching and the actual discipline in which they are instructing. If an Instructor is to teach concealed carry, that Instructor should actually have experience carrying a concealed firearm. Being "certified to instruct" does not equal being "a good Certified Instructor." We do not believe in teaching material that was written by somebody else. Nor do we believe in hiring Instructors that learned only through books and power-point. Watchdog Protection Agency's Concealed Carry Program delivers the mandatory state certification curriculum in a manner that is energetic, experience-based, and hands-on. Throughout our classes, examples are provided based on personal experiences presented by Instructors who are law enforcement officers possessing years of experience working in covert/undercover capacities. The world of undercover operations and clandestine missions has provided our staff with a unique and advanced understanding for the "art of concealed carry." It does not stop here, our State-level Police or Federal Agent Instructors must additionally have tactical experience along with their undercover experience. To compliment the professional experiences our Instructors shall be certified to Instruct in multiple firearms-related disciplines and have experience this material. Your day of Concealed Carry Class will never be "a first day of teaching" for any of our Instructors. 

To be specific,our Firearms & Tactical Training Division consists of a staff with a highly advanced level of experience consisting of, but not limited to: State of Illinois, NRA, NEMERT, and/or DOJ Certified Firearms Instructors who are also Federal Agents or Police Officers. Additional Tactical/Firearms Instructor experiences include: military special operations experience, current & former SWAT operators & SWAT Instructors, former SWAT commander(s), undercover agents, detectives & investigators, government contractor experience, counter-terror specialists, WMD response certified technicians, trained at the state of Illinois police academy(s), trained at the federal government law enforcement training center(s), criminal audit experience, and not only does the Watchdog Protection Agency staff have careers of experience; we also have countless hours of training to add to it. Currently we are focusing a majority of our resources toward offering Illinois Concealed Carry Certification Training Classes. We will continue to offer consulting services and private training upon request. To request any of our services, or to schedule a private group for Illinois Concealed Carry training please email

​ or call 815-916-5050.